Mom, Grandma, Lola & Aunt, Allie Grace’s (fur baby) mom, Mary Kay Sales Director and Volunteer- 50+ year Anderson County resident addicted to Facebook. My passion and mission is to help women feel good about themselves, through a new “look” or beginning a new career in investing in changing lives of the women God places in your life with makeup.
Living my first 30 years fearful of everything, my favorite quote is “feel the fear and do it anyway”. Best words of wisdom from my mom-“if everyone is telling you the same thing, everyone isn’t wrong”. Most embarrassing moment….maybe when my dirty undies fell out of the back of the SUV onto a four lane in Arkansas and the highway patrol stopped traffic to help me pick it up….you can read it on Facebook!! Best decision I ever made was to attend BSF- LIFE CHANGING Bible Study! Second best decision was to enter into the world of Mary Kay 31+ years ago…again LIFE CHANGING. All I wanted was to make an extra $50 a month. Mission accomplished!

I love happy, strive to live in my pink bubble- will run from negativity. When I leave this beautiful earth I hope when people remember me they smile.